Dean Gamburd
Firearms Consultant

Dean Gamburd firearms consultant

   Hourly consultations
  • Introduction to Handguns (including firearm selection, proper firearm handling and safety techniques)
  • Home Inspection and Defensive Scenarios
  • Family Firearms Safety
  • Handgun Selection and Safety for Women
  • Tactical Handgun
  • Defensive Handgun (8 hours)
  • Basic Firearms Safety Certificate, approved by the CA-DOJ (12 hours)
  • Handgun Skills Enhancement Techniques(16 hours)
  • Tactical Shotgun (16 hours)
  • Over 40 years of firearms experience
  • Rangemaster and Instructor
  • NRA & DOJ Certified instructor
  • Certified Glock Armorer
  • Published firearms author
  • Graduate of numerous shooting schools in various disciplines
  • Served as a test driver for a major high performance automotive manufacturer, and won numerous regional and national titles in automotive racing.

Contact Information
Dean Gamburd
Firearms Consultant
2934 1/2 Beverly Glen Circle, Suite 414
Los Angeles, CA 90077-1734